Wednesday, May 31, 2017

3DR Solo and DJi Mavic ND Filter Notes

For my 3DR Solo i need to get some ND filters for my GoPro 4 Black.  I found everyone trust the PolarPro ND Filters.  I found them to work perfectly.  You also cannot just buy 1 ND filter.  You need to buy a combo pack for all the situations: cloudy,  direct sunlight and low light.  I also found some describe the filters in ND numbers and Stops.  So below are the translations.  These filters do require balancing your gimbal a little.  I just velcroed on some coins on the side and top.  

For my DJi Mavic i needed the same thing, a combo pack.  Again i found a PolarPro set.  This set is much smaller than the GoPro version for obvious reasons.  It comes in a nice case.  I labeled the filters in the case based off the outdoor environment, so i know which to swap quickly.  These filters did not require any balancing.  Install them with the gimbal lock installed.  There are 3 options to chose from, polarized or not or both.  I chose the cinema version.  The gold ones.  

Note: With a Set of PL , ND4 and ND8 Filter (If you live in a sunny state +ND16) you are prepared for 98% of all situations.

Stops to ND value
  • ND4/PL filter (2 stops)
  • ND8/PL filter (3 stops)
  • ND16/PL filter (4 stops)
  • ND32/PL filter (5 stops)

Great info can be found here:

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  1. Are these filters available at Best Buy or should I look up at Amazon? Looking for ND16 and ND64 only though. Would appreciate your help