Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Nvidia Shield K1 Downgraded to Android 6 Marshmallow for DJi GO 4 for my DJi Mavic

I have a DJi Mavic Pro and Nvidia Shield K1.  The DJi GO 4 app crashes when I use it, and the fix by everyone is to downgrade the Nvidia Shield K1 from Android 7.0 Nougat to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.  There is some work involved.  Took me about 1 hour to complete everything.

I am using a MacBook to do this.  The instructions for Linux were the same.

Download Nvidia Shield K1 Recovery Version 1.5.0

Download the Images (Version 1.5.0)
NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 Recovery OS Image     1.5.0      2016/12/14

You will need to scroll pretty far down to find this version.

Turn on Developer Mode on Tablet

Go to Settings in the apps options on your tablet.
Scroll all the way to the bottom where it says "About Tablet".
Click on "Build number" 7 times to go into Developer Mode.
Now go back to Settings.
A new option above "About Tablet" will be seen called "Developer Options".
Click on "Developer Option"
Turn ON "USB debugging".

Install ADB and Fastboot on computer

You need to download the ADB and fastboot application first and install it on your computer.  These apps allow you to talk to the tablet from your laptop or computer.  They are basic utilities for Android apps.

The applications for OS X can be found here:

Here is the command to run in the terminal to automatically install everything:
bash <(curl -s
 The command run and install everything.  It will ask for your password.  Close the terminal and reopen it,  then run the following command to verify its installed.

adb devices

Unlock Bootloader

Connect the tablet to your computer with the USB cable.
It will prompted you to allow the computer to connect.
Send the following command in the terminal on your computer:
adb reboot bootloader

This will reboot your tablet and bring it to the bootloader
Send the following command and verify your see a device with serial number
fastboot devices
Send the following command to begin the unlock process:

fastboot oem unlock

You will now be presented with the bootloader unlock menu. After reading the disclaimer, use the Volume button and the Power button to navigate to the "Unlock" option. Once the "Unlock" option has been highlighted use the Power button to confirm your selection of unlocking your bootloader. It's important to remember that unlocking the bootloader will wipe all your data from the device, and that a flag showing your warranty is void will appear at the bootloader screen. 

You will now see at the top of the bootloader screen on the tablet that the "Device - Unlocked".

Flash Android 6 (Nvidia Version 1.5.0) Onto Tablet

Download the recovery image onto your computer.  Make sure it is version 1.5.0.  The newer version will bring you back to where you were before.
Go to the directory in the terminal that contains files you downloaded.
Send the following commands to load the recovery image to the tablet.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash staging blob
On the tablet select "REBOOT" and let the tablet reboot.
It will take a couple minutes for the tablet to reboot.
This will be a clean install so give all the information to install your android profile.
Go to Settings->"About Tablet" and verify the settings.
You should see now the Android version 6.0.1 instead of 7.

Your done.  Install DJi GO 4 app again.

Unlocking Nvidia Shield K1


  1. Thanks so much!!! the best comprehensive path. Worked great after I got stuck on windows 10 trying to roll back. grab the trusty macbook and in 25 minutes ..... done. Thanks again

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