Monday, May 29, 2017

Update Solo to Solo_Beta_1.2 using Solex and Tower or Mission Planner

Update Solo GREEN Cube Firmware to 1.2

There are 2 steps to complete.  I was able to do both of them on my android phone or tablet.  So no computer was required thanks to Solex.  First you will upload the firmware with Solex.  Then you will reset the parameters with Tower.  Details to both are below.  If you do not have Solex, i also give explanation below on how to do with wit FileZilla.

Turn ON Advanced Settings in Solex

  • Turn on your Solo to get a Wifi connection.  You will need to turn on the remote control and the Solo to connect.  Find on your phone the wifi connection and connect.  The default password for the Solo is "Sololink".
  • Open Solex.  Click on the Settings Icon in the top left corner, the icon with 3 lines.
  • Click on "App Settings".
  • Scroll down to "Advanced Mode" (6th line).  Click on the line to check the box.
  • Close Solex.

Update Firmware

  • Open Solex.
  • Scroll all the way to the bottom of the "Settings".  You will see a new option, "Firmware Updates".

  • You should see a list of available files to upload to your Solo. Click on "" to download the file.

  • You can click on the zip file to view the files within the zip file.

  • Click on the "INSTALL" button to upload the firmware files to the Solo.

  • Reboot the Solo.  It will take a couple minutes for the Solo to reboot.  It will have LED lights on the props change colors.  Continue to wait until your remote says it has connected to the Solo again.  The final colors will be Red and Green in the front and Blue in the back.  If after 10 minutes the Solo is stuck with no connection to your remote and the LEDs changing colors, turn off power to both your Solo and remote.  Then turn them both back on again and see if the update process will complete.  Mine took 2 reboots to get it to boot up again.
  • When you Solo turns back on, it should complain about a compass error.  Wait until you have completed the next step before performing a compass calibration.

Reset Parameters

If you want to continue using your phone or tablet to continue with the update, you can run the application "Tower".  

Or you can use Mission Planner if you want to use a computer.  Use the instructions here: 
  • Turn on the Solo.
  • Make the wifi connection on your phone or tablet to the Solo.
  • Open Tower application
  • Select "UDP" on the bottom of the application next to the "CONNECT" button.  Then click the "CONNECT" button.

After connection made

  • Click on the "Settings" icon in the top left corner.  The 3 line icon

  • Click on Parameters in the menu.  Let it download your current parameters.

  • Find SYSID_SW_MREV parameter.
    • Change the value to 0.  The line will turn green.

  • Click the "UPLOAD".  It is the cloud icon with the arrow pointing up.  
  • Reboot the Solo.  Your Solo remote when rebooted should complain about compass calibration.
  • Run a level calibration using the 3DR Solo application.
  • Run a compass calibration using the 3DR Solo application.

Additional Information

Download Firmware Manually to your Phone or Tablet

  • Download the firmware zip file to your Solex device (phone or tablet)
    • On my phone, i had the application "My Files" to navigate the folders.
  • Copy the zip file from Downloads to Internal Storage/Solex/download
  • Click on "Firmware Updates".  You should see the zip file you copied to the folder.

Upload the update to Solo using FileZilla

If you do not have Solex, you can still update your Solo.  You can use FileZilla, an ftp application to load the files to the Solo.  Follow the instructions here to upload the files manually.  You will still need to download the new zip file from the link above.


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