Sunday, October 6, 2019

Permission Denied Prusa Slicer Firmware Update

I am using Ubuntu.  I need the latest version of the Prusa Slicer.  There were 2 options to download a Linux version of Prusa Slicer, the or AppImage.  It was suggested on the website to download the AppImage.  When I double-clicked on the AppImage file I got warning messages but did not load.  I downloaded the file and untarred it and it worked.  Turns out, you need to change the permissions of the AppImage to executable to run.

Next, I wanted to update the firmware of my Prusa MK2.5.  I downloaded the latest firmware, opened up Prusa Slicer and selected the Configuration->Flash Printer Firmware.  I selected the correct firmware and hit flash.  I got "Permission Denied".  I know from enough experience, this is because of the serial port permissions.  It is either the owner or the group.  When you connect the USB cable to Ubuntu, it adds /dev/ttyAMC0.  The user was "root" the group was "dialout".  I added my user to dialout.

sudo adduser my_user_name dialout

I then changed the user of /dev/ttyAMC0 to my user name, we will say is my_user_name

sudo chown my_user_name /dev/ttyAMC0 

Then everything worked and I could update the firmware on my printer.

Just some quick notes for anyone else.

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