Tuesday, January 2, 2018

DIY Peloton Bike for under $100

So my sister-in-law got a Peloton for christmas.  And I want one also, but it is over $2000 plus a $39 a month fee to use it.

Well that is to much, but they do have the Peloton app for $12 a month with a 14 day free trial for IPAD and IPHONES.  You get the same classes but you do not get all the feedback from the bike.  So I thought I would give this a shot.  The motivation in the class and the cadence feedback seems to be more then enough to enjoy riding my bike indoors.

So here is everything I got to build my own setup.  My setup was for under $100 dollars because I had a lot of things.  Most people will have similar situations.  I gave Amazon links, because everyone shops at Amazon now.


You will need a bike, which I have for Triathlons.  You will need a stationary bike trainer, which I also have.  The trainer is quiet and sturdy, so you can use it indoors.  You will also need tire mount for your front tire, so you do not feel like you are falling forward.

I have a really nice bike.  But those that do not have a bike, can use a stationary bike like you see in the gym.  There are cheaper ones for under $300.  This is the bike most suggested.


The instructor will give you a cadence to ride your bike at.  This can be measured with this device.  It attaches to your bike.  You will not need the speed sensor version, but I thought I might use it with my actual bike on rides.  So you can get the cheaper version.


Cadence Monitor Screen

To monitor your cadence, you will need something to connect to the Wahoo cadence sensor.  It uses Bluetooth and ANT.  The nice thing about ANT, is it will connect to my Garmin Tri Watch.  But for a bike workout, I do not want to monitor my arm for cadence.  So I decided to get a bike mount for my cell phone.  I chose this one, because I have aerobars for my Tribike, so I could not mount it in a standard way.  This one looked very flexible in mounting pole diameters.


Peloton App

 The Peloton app only works on IOS devices.  This means IPAD or IPHONE.  It will not work on a MacBook. I have an old IPAD.  So I installed the app to verify it will install.  I then wanted to watch the IPAD on a bigger TV.  So I have been told I can do this with a AppleTV.  I have never done this, so I hope it works.  I was given an old AppleTV.  Now I need to figure out how to stream my IPAD to AppleTV.  Worst case, I watch the app on my IPAD.

Sadly, the Peloton app does not work on an Android phone, I have a lot more accessories for android devices.  And the Peloton giant screen runs on Android.  Weird.

The app is $12 a month.  But you get a 14 day free trail.  So I will try it out and see if it like it.  If not, I only spent $80 and everything I bought i can reuse.

Now I have to wait for the parts.  Hope this helps in getting you started.


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