Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ardupilot Rover with 4 Wheel Steering

Got the throttle to work now.  The first problem was the WP-1040 ESC could not handle my 4S battery.  It only can handle a 2S or 3S.  But i set the jumpers to LIPO on the ESC.

WP-1040 Manual

So i had the battery now correct and the ESC beeped 3 times when i connected a 3S battery.  Next I needed to get the throttle transmitter settings correct.  The throttle channel is 3.  To make sure i can go forwards and backwards, i need to set the trim to the mid point.  I need to be careful, because i have a MODE 2 transmitter setup, so the left throttle stick does not have a spring, so it does not spring back to the middle.

Set the throttle to the middle, so forward is up and reverse is down.
RC_TRIM = 1500

Set the ARMING to not check for GPS.  Most of my testing has been indoors.

When I 3D print the Pixhawk mount for crawler, I will give more details on the setup.  I plan to run a Pixhawk and a Raspberry Pi 3 with a Neato LIDAR.


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